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JVC R-X330V loses its presets

My 35 year old workhorse doesn't keep the preset tuner stations after just turning it off and back on. I looked at the manual and it says the receiver will keep the settings for a week or so but this happens right away. Is there some kind of backup battery I can replace? Tanx!

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Re: JVC R-X330V loses its presets

You have two batteries- part number-UM-3(DJ)-2P.

Re: JVC R-X330V loses its presets

The usual problem is that the memory capacitor has failed. These are in the .047 to .1 farad range and are near the microprocessor. The library here does not have the 330 manual, but the 320 manual lists C409, .1F as the standby capacitor (microprocessor is a MN17202). These capacitors are 5.5 volt.