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I am looking for specs for a board mounted transformer from a JVC receiver model RX-5THBK. The transformer is labeled "Tamradio M 9725". The primary winding is open so I don't know what the secondary voltage should be. I have been on several websites to find this part with no luck. I can adapt a different transformer if I know the secondary voltage.

JVC RX-5THBK Receiver

Hi mmurphy!

The transformer has 4 secondary tensions.
2x39,5 V - AC
2x27,1 V - AC
2x21V - AC
1x20,1 V - AC
and on the primarily-side a thermal glaze-protection.
Therefore, an alternative transformer becomes very difficult!

Since the big transformer through one only after an examination
lead, also a final stage-defect is possibly released further,
through what does the skin-transformer become supply on not at all!

Sorry for my poor English.
I hoppe that You understand me.