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JVC VN-880 and SEA-V7E


I am looking for copies of the JVC VN-880 and SEA-V7E service manuals - I need to check whether I need change an settings / jumpers to change power from European (Italy) to the UK - or whether is just a case of plug adapter.

If anyone can share these manuals, appreciated.


Re: JVC VN-880 and SEA-V7E

Hi, thanks for both replies.... - these were my thoughts also.

I had previously found the schematics online, when comparing with other JVC equipment of the same era I think that the actual instructions which describe how to change the voltage levels are in the service manuals (not the user / operating manuals)… - hence, why I am looking for copies of these.

Appreciated, Simon

Re: JVC VN-880 and SEA-V7E

The schematics suggest that both should be switchable between 240V (UK) and 220V (Europe), which is handy as the 'nominal 230V' for Europe is just a design voltage for newer equipment. The voltage at power sockets hasn't changed and is still 240V in the UK so it would be best to switch to this setting if it has the option. As Johnnysan says, both are 50Hz so no problems there.



Re: JVC VN-880 and SEA-V7E

Both UK and Italy are 230 volt 50Hz so you will just need an adapter.