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JVC's Best Amps?

There's a lot of nice stereo equipment out there and too many brands to remember, but I decided to do my entire system with JVC components. I've been able to track down and buy top-of-the-line speakers, turntable, cassette deck, CD player, etc. The result has been a great listening experience and I keep upgrading components when I find something a little better.
But I haven't been able to find out much about JVC's line of amps /receivers and which were top notch.

What lines were JVC's best in amplifiers and receivers?

JVC best amps


Best integrated JVC amplifiers were models: AX-Z1010, AX-Z1050 and AX-Z911 of approximately 150 W RMS at 8 ohms....


It's brilliant! Immense improvement over my JVC JA-S44 when buying it in ~1990. Used it for many years (100Wrms on my poor 30Wrms HPM-60's), then it failed on me. As far as I can tell, it is the resonator for the processor that is at fault (amp starts up whenever I try to measure a clocksignal on the resonator, probably due to triggering it with the resistance or capacitance of the measuring-probe).
Crystal has been ordered, we'll see if replacing it solves everything!