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Kenwood GE-7 Equalizer Service Manual NEED

I have Kenwood GE-7 Equalizer with Japanese 5 pcs hi-fi setup 100V power supply with 230 to 110v transformer. today my wife accidentally connected it to directly 230v. other sections still working well but equalizer transformer burnt. im in sri lanka that transformer not available here. i trying to wind it but i need service manual to check voltages. secondary coil has two dual supplys and one single supply 8 wires.
any one have this type equalizer. i need voltage measurement.
secondary coil connections like this
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 1
[ [_!_] .[_!_] ]

sorry for my bad English

Re: Kenwood GE-7 Equalizer Service Manual NEED

Wind transformer sucsses 40 v / 20v dual/ 5v dual this unit equalant ge-920/ ge-930 (looks like same unit. Different reagons. Different voltage)