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Kenwood Hi-Fi Seperates

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Hi guys, I bought an amazing kenwood seperates hifi off a local newspaper ad for £20 ..Amazing offer and it works fab but has an integrated amplifier/Tuner. I have searched hi and low for a manual for this model R-42L Serial no: 80905425. I dont know how to use the tuner section of it and store stations and its bugging me lol ... I even emailed kenwood but they fobbed me off. It is obviously a very old model 1999 I think but surely I can find a manual somewhere on this planet lol . If anyone can help I would be truly grateful xxx

Re: Kenwood Hi-Fi Seperates

We don't have a manual, but the R-42L is part of the 1988/89 M-32 system, so the instructions will be in the manual for the system, if you can find one.