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Kenwood KA-550D Volumepotmeter?

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Hello everyone,

I have an Kenwood KA-550D for a few days now, the volumepot always had a bit of trouble to get it working, but i found out that the potmeter is completely broken, desolderd it, and threw it away ): But the problem is i can't find a new one for this particulair type? I don't really know what for type i need for this amplifier sience i am only a beginner.. it's a volumepot with the Balance in it.

Could anyone please help me out?

P.S. Sorry for bad English sience i am from the Netherlands.

Many thanks!

Kenwood KA-550D Volumepotmeter?

Hopefully you didn't throw it away, or if you did, you have pictures and part numbers/values from the bad part. You may not be able find an original, and may need to use a similar replacement.
To do this, you need to know the number of sections (3, 4, or 6), and the value of the sections (100k, 200k 500k etc). Do you know how many sections the original had, and what the values were?

I have not seen this model previous so I don't know values or types. Models KA-8300, KA-9800, KA-7300, KA-6100, KA-6150 may be similar

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Kenwood KA-550D Volumepotmeter?

Hey Tbrander,

That was one of my biggest mistakes sience i threw it away and the trash is already been picked up ):.
I am not sure but i did take a look in the service manual, and i saw two Potentiometers, a 10k one for the bass and treb, and a unmarked potentiometer that has 100k B, could that be the volume control? This is one of my first projects ever, so what i am saying now could be a huge mistake but ok :P. And thanks for your info about the similair one's will take a look at that!

Again sorry for the half rubbish English!

Greetings, Sander.

Kenwood KA-550D Volumepotmeter?

I don't have a service manual for this unit. If you can scan the service manual and upload it to this site, I can look at it and tell you what you need.

100k is probably part of the volume control.

A combination volume/balance can have:
2 tandem sections dedicated for volume and 1 section dedicated to balance
2 tandem sections dedicated for volume and 2 tandem sections dedicated to balance
4 tandem sections dedicated to volume and equalization and 2 tandem sections dedicated to balance

If you removed the wires from the volume control, did you do a drawing on where to put them back to? Or was the volume control connected to a printed circuit board? If it was a circuit board, you can see the number of sections by counting the parallel sets of 3 or 4 connections. These parallel sets of connections are also parallel to the front panel of the unit.