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Kenwood KA-660 Integrated Amplifier - Balance Control Potentiometer

Having trouble locating the above item for purchase.

I know it's not a top-end amplifier and probably wasting my money trying to repair it, but I bought it with my first pay cheque in the early 80's and it has a lot of sentimental value. And it sounded great right up to the point the potentiometers gave up! Doing it up now to donate to my daughter who has got into playing vinyl, she has my old Dual turntable, this will compliment it well, as it used to for me.

Manual shows the item as a Potentiometer (200kX2) with a Kenwood part number of R06-5134-05
PacPart in the US had the tone control (which I have replaced), but not the balance control. Being in Australia as well doesn't help, cost more to post to me than the pot cost.
It is unique looking by today's standards as it has the 6 legs in a row as opposed to in two rows. Has a black shaft (Flat D style) 13mm in length. Solders directly to the board then the shaft pokes through the panel and secures with a nut as per normal. There is very little room to put any other style in place but the original sized potentiometer!

Does anyone have one for sale or that they can donate.....?

I can supply a picture and further dimensions if required.
Happy to do a bank transfer or PayPal or any other means to any currency.

Hope someone can help.........