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Kenwood KA-88

I just bought a nice looking KA-88 earlier today. Got it home, cleaned it up a bit and hooked up two speakers and my Rek-o-Kut turntable. It has lot of power and the sound is pretty clean on the left speaker but the right sounds scratchy and at times nonexistent. Both the speakers and the turntable had been in use earlier today with my Vector Research VR5000 and everything sounded great then. So I popped the top and squirted DeOxit on the balance control and the volume and spun them back and forth 15 or 20 times, hooked it all back up and same thing. Should I repeat the process or could some component be dying that no amount of spraying will cure? I am using DeOxit in the Green can.

Re: Kenwood KA-88

My first guess is that your speaker protection relay contacts are dirty; you will need to remove the plastic cover on the relay--it will usually have two tabs that hold it. Sometimes it's easier to just unsolder the relay and remove it completely for cleaning. Just spraying cleaner inside may not be enough; you can move a thin piece of paper between the contacts while applying pressure to wipe off any dirt. There are a few videos on Youtube showing how to clean relays.
My next guess is the speaker switches.