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Kenwood Ka 907 advice needed

Hi. I just purchased this amp and suspect that it is down on power.
I bought it because I love Kenwood and I wanted double the power than my beloved Kenwood KA 660 d which I had since 1992. I really expected The 907 to blow my socks of but it is not what I expected.( 150 w rms / ch. as opposed to 70 w rms / ch. )
Maybe I was disillusioned about " double " the power or maybe the amp needs a service or maybe some old components need to be replaced ?
I run the 907 through my Yamaha NS 1000 m's.

Can anyone give me some advice ?

False Alarm

When I wrote my request , I just hooked it up for the first time , BUT after giving it some listening time I was blown away by the KA 907 's performance !