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Kenwood KA 907

I have been using a Kenwood KA 907 in my mobile disco since 1978 to drive two off Dynacord D3000 speakers consisting of Base 2x 15 " cones and tweeter 1x 15 " cone and tweeter. Lately the Kenwood amp has been fusing fuses and i probably have to replace it . Problem is that i have no clue about an amp that has similar capabil;ities to drive thesespeakers and that would create such a great sound as we had with the Kenwood KA 907 !

Replacement for KA-907

Crown kit is great.
I use an Omnitronic MCP-1650 - a super rugged piece of kit with 4 channels that can be bridged also.
Comes in various flavours:
4x150W, 6x150W, 8x150W
The 6x150W goes for £389 = $625

I have a home built pre-amps cause I drive it with my PC for home parties and school functions

I also have a KA-601 and KA-801 and would be interested in buying your KA-907 if you still have it


The KA-907 is a Hi-Fi

The KA-907 is a Hi-Fi amplifier and a very good one at that.
If it was mine I would have it repaired. Why not if you feel it suits your needs for driving the Dynacords?
Still, replacing it shouldn't be a problem. There are just soooo many pro-amp's out there that will do the job.
If it is about reliability at reasonable cost paired with at least some fidelity I would go with Crown.
The XLS402 or XLS602 will give you 2-3 times the power you pulled from the KA-907 (KA-907-> 150W RMS, both channels driven into 8 Ohms at <0.01%THD, 20-20.000Hz)
Of course if you really want to pay, there's the CTS-series, like CTS600
Mind you, these Crown's are just Power-Amps, no input switching and no tone-controls or filters etc. like on the KA-907



The partial service-manual is available for download from https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/kenwood/ka-907.shtml
If you need the FULL service-manual feel free to ask.