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Kenwood KA2200 Looking for help.

I have a big favour to ask of somebody in the USA. I'm in the UK and I have acquired a Kenwood KA2200 vintage amplifier.
This amp is supposed to have two small purpose made RCA socket shorting pins in the back which are meant to be removed when connecting a graphic equaliser or left in if using the amp alone.

When I acquired the amp there were just two wires stuck in the back as a substitute for the shorting pins as they had been lost. I cannot get these pins in the UK but have tracked them down as available from Sears Parts Direct under the Kenwood part number of J15-0091-05. They are indicated as part number 34 on the parts list of the service manual available on the forum.

The problem is that whilst Sears will let me buy them online they don't have international mailing so they won't post them to the UK. These items are very small and will easily fit into a 4" x 4" jiffy or padded bag. I need some kind soul to allow me to use their address in the USA and then send them on to me. I will happily pay the relay postage by Paypal or some method acceptable to the willing party.
Anybody interested in helping me, and remember I will need your address, please contact me

Thanks in advance.