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kenwood km 205

i have a kenwood km 205 amp the display light is out but the right and left meter lights work . can the display light be replaced ?

Re: kenwood km 205


I am not familiar with that series of Kenwood amplifiers. I took a look at the schematic for the KM-105 that is available here. My guess is that the 105 is very similar to the 205. The 105 uses two 12 volt 100ma lamps in series with a 120 ohm resistor. The circuit is probably similar, perhaps the 205 uses more than two lamps, but it is probably the same 12 volt lamp. It is also possible that the lamps are good, but the series resistor is open or has overheated and un-soldered itself from the pc board.

You will most likely need to disassemble the front panel to get access to the display pc board. You might get lucky and the lamps are in an enclosure hung on the back of the display and accessible without taking the front panel apart.


Re: kenwood km 205

thank you for the information i will open it up and see what happened