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Kenwood KR-6030 Receiver

I need an Owners Manual for the Kenwood KR-6030 Receiver... Thanks.

Kenwood kr-6030 owner manual

My first stereo! I still have it and the owner manual. I can make you a copy?

kenwood kr6030?

yes i seen your comment on the kenwood kr6030 manual or evan a repair manual/schematic. would it be possible to get a copy of this manual please ? i have one with some problems i want to address i love it but i need to fix it .it's my daily user.
thank you

kenwood 6030 manual

would you be able to help me with the manual for a Kenwood 6030? My power on/speaker selector switch is messed up. Power stays on continuously when plugged in and the speakers (A and B) don't work right in the detente position. I have to catch the connection in between selector positions. Thank you for any help. Jim Elliott

Kenwood KR-6030 manual


Is there any way I can get a copy of the service manual for the Kenwood KR-6030 from you? Any help would be MOST appreciated. Thanks.............


Kenwood KR-6030 Owner's Manual

I could use a KR-6030 manual also. Much appreciated!

email: kjellwe@sbcglobal.net

- kjellwe

Kenwood kr-6030 owner manual

Hello targu91,

I own a Kenwood Kr-6030. Would it be possible for you to please e-mail a copy of your owners manual to me?

My email is esaias53@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance.


Kenwood KR 6030

Hi Targu

Just saved this receiver from waste belt.Cleaned it up and it plays well.

You realy could do me a favour by sending a copy of the manual to rsc_4@hotmail.com

Greetings and thanks in advance.