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Kenwood KR-6170 Service Manual

Hello To All,

Just picked up a KR-6170 in need of minor servicing. Basically just needs the pots and contacts cleaned.

The Stereo and Stereo indicator bulbs replaced. Not fully sure how the Electronic Rhythm Composer and reverberation work.

The L/R meters appear to be on the low side unless the volume is turned up midway even with the High/Low switch.

What's with the reverberation lock/release lever on the back panel? Any advice or if anyone has got the service manual and instructions I would greatly appreciate them.



I own 2 of these units and they are among my favorites. My tech says there were some shortcuts taken in mfg, but when they are working right, they are truly great. The rhythm composer is turned on by the selector switch turned all the way clockwise. All the choices of rhythm are in the section on the face just right of the reverb section controls to the far left. I do not think you can overlay rhythm on things like phono, tape, aux, etc, but if you were using the "small band" inputs--guitar and mic-- at the bottom of the face, then you could. The reverb can be added to any input by just selecting the correct switch position on the knob on the far lower left. It can be laid on normal inputs like FM, tape, phono, etc by selecting "source''. The slider above adjusts the level--degree of echo. The lock/release lever on the back "freezes" the reverb unit from damage during transportation since it is basically a mechanical/spring system. As for a service manual, I finally found/ordered one from Tanenbaum's (sp??) in Dallas. Think it was around $20-25, but necessary if you ever need repairs done. Hope this helps!!

Keith Manning

KR-6170 User Manual


Thanks for the help on the basics on how to use this Beast! I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the SM from a wonderful and helpful member which I would like to say THANKS again :). Still in hunt for the UM......