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Kenwood KR-A57R User Manual available, TEAC Cassette Deck and Marantz 4200 user manuals reqd

I have a good scan of this manual that I would like to upload, but it seems uploads are disabled at present. If this is not so, let me know. If you need the manual, I am happy to email you the pdf.

I am looking for user manuals for the TEAC V-44C Stereo Cassette Deck and the Marantz 4200 (aka CDC 8003) turntable.

Technics SM-AC80

Hi LaurieC !

Thank you for your willingness to help me with this user manual. If you have a copy in pdf format, please do me a favor and sendit to my private E-mail address:peter.pavel@gmail.com

Many thanks in advance!


Archie dArch