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Kenwood KX - W892 Not recording properly


Is there someone here who could kindly help me with a problem I currently have with recording on my Kenwood Dual Cassette Recorder/Player.

The issue I am having is not getting the audio on thr tape - but it does have to do with the order things are recorded/missing audio?

I'll send audio to the tape pressing REC/PAUSE REC/ARM and sometimes wil stall out - but when I get it working again there is an issue that the tapes order of songs I have recorded. Sometimes I will record something listen back quickly - and boom it's not there somehow after just listening to it. I apologize if this is not straight forward if someone could message me and help me possibly walk through a Q&A to diagnose the problem.

Re: Kenwood KX - W892 Not recording properly

What do you mean by "stall out"? Does the tape stop moving while in record or play mode? If so, then that is a mechanical problem with the tape drive, not recording. I'm not clear on what you mean by order of songs.