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KR_9600 @ Bose

Can Bose 301 ser.iii @ Bose 4.2 Be driven 4 channels with a KR-9600 with out any problems already orderd speakers didnt know 4.2 were only 100 wats.

You want to use a pair of 301

You want to use a pair of 301 & and a pair of 4.2 ?I'm not if this is what your asking Anyway don't worry about the watts just don't blast the amp at high volumes . The Kenwood is rated at 160watts per channel @ 8 ohms and 200watts per channel @4 ohms. It is the ohms ratting of the speakers that you have to watch. Some Bose are only 2 ohms don't use them you will over drive your amp. If their 4 ohms the amp may run warmer . Be careful with the 9600 it uses unobtainable output modules .This Kenwood is due for a recap. I suggest .... Send the Bose back and get some real speakers. Good Luck