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LEAK Point One Pre Amp

Hello,i am a newbie to the forum and to Vintage Audio,
I have a "Leak Audio" Point One PreAmp which i inherited...!!i was hoping to power it up and use it with speakers and record player.Its a Uk version at 240 V (i am in Ireland).
Anybody out there has integrated a similar preamp into a more modern setup..any ideas would be really appreciated...thanks again..happy holidays..

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Re: LEAK Point One Pre Amp

I presume you have a pre-amp and power amp, since the pre-amp is powered from the power amp. After presumably many years of non-use there may well be bad electrolytic capacitors in one or both units. If you are new to tube electronics (as opposed to just new to this forum!) I advise you to get a full service done by an experienced tech.
If you think you can "diy", please don't just "plug in"... power it up very slowly from Variac, watching HT+ and, later, current very closely... start with the HT rectifier tube unplugged to check the power transformer. For the rest, study up on how to do it... Caveat: this equipment has lethal voltages under the chassis... don't attempt restoration without knowledge! My apologies for the lecture if you have tube service experience!
These are nice units and very collectible. Disclosure: I have a "point one plus" and a TL 25 power amp and have refurbished both. Please protect yours for posterity... as well a good listening!
Good luck,

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Re: LEAK Point One Pre Amp

The Leak is a valve amp, which need more care than a transistor amp. If it has not been used for a long time, it is best started using variable voltage, starting with low volts and gradually increasing. Just plugging it in after this time could damage it. Best take it to a valve amp specialist technician to check out and make sure it's safe.

Leaks are becoming collectable, it would be worth looking after this amp.