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Loading the Yamaha CR-820

Hello everyone,

I have acquired a fully functional Yamaha CR-820 and would like to use it in my bar.
I have 4 8 Ohm speakers in the bar and would like to place two additional 6 Ohm speakers to cover the outside terrace. Currently I can't invest in a new pair of speakers so I would like to use what I have.

I was thinking of connecting the 4 internal 8 Ohm speakers 2 and 2 together in series so I can drive them with two channels. For inside that will be sufficient I believe since I only play background music. The other two channels I would like to use for outside because I will need a bit more volume. Since the amp. can only work in 8-16Ohm range I cant connect the two outside 6 ohm speakers each to his own channel, but will have to connect them in series to get 12 ohm. That leaves one channel open.

My question is if I can leave one channel open without causing any damage to the amp?

In the future I will definitely get a pair of 8ohms for the outside but for now i have to live with what I have.

Thanks for help!

Re: Loading the Yamaha CR-820

I don't think leaving a channel open is a good idea. You might pick up some cheaper 8 ohm speakers then buy better ones when you can afford them.

Re: Loading the Yamaha CR-820


Yes, I thought so. I thought of a second solution in the meantime. I can include a 2Ohm resistor for every 6Ohm speaker and drive each on its own channel. I know I will kill my damping factor, but it is a simple and cheap solution for a short time, right?

Since the outputs are 55W each into 8Ohm I need to dissipate 2/8 or 1/4 of that on the resistors which means I need 2x 2Ohm 15W resistor.
Thanks for your help!