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Looking for a Schematic or help repairing a Pioneer SA9500ii

I have a Pioneer SA9500ii Receiver that will only turn on intermitantly.
When I flip the switch ON it was a 50-50% chance that it would turn ON, now it is more of a 90-10% chance that it will not.
It has been some time since I have worked on electronics of this age and I fear it will take me AGES to trace the circuits. So I am looking for a schematic to help. If anyone has a solution or a schematic it would be greatly apreciated.
I have checked for loose connections and cold solder joints but have been unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance.

Pioneer SA 9500 II

Pioneer SA 9500 II Amplifier
Submitted on January 27th, 2010 by rolesky

This manual is already located in the manual section. Look under SA 9500, select MKII. You said receiver but there is no receiver by that number for pioneer. The TX 9500 II would be the receiver used for this Amp.


You are correct it is an Amp. I wasn't thinking when I typed in my question. I appreciate all of the help, Biro, posted a link for the PDF.