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looking for a tuner for 76-90 MHz?

I have a philips ft-930, this I want to received on the radio broadcast band in Japan on FM 76-90 MHz. Does anyone know how I can get this done,
There is sometimes a key combinbatie that he goes back to Japanese version?

Or is there a tuner that can receive on fm 76-90 MHz already.?

Re: looking for a tuner for 76-90 MHz?

The philips ft 930 can be modified i have one and that one is from 76—90 MHz in Holland 3.5 meter band is used for dx now. So look for someone with expierence with electronics.

Re: looking for a tuner for 76-90 MHz?


I looked through the Service Manual for this model and it doesn't appear that there was ever a Japanese version. If the tuner wasn't designed for the different frequency range it won't be possible as this is a CPU controlled tuner. Some tuners can be modified to work on both frequency ranges, but with modern microprocessor controlled tuners, that feature needs to have been designed in from the factory.

The other problem is that the line voltage is 100 Volts and even if you could alter the frequency range, you would also need a transformer to step the voltage down.

Your best bet would be to purchase a domestic Japanese tuner for use in Japan. If you don't plan on leaving Japan, sell the tuner to offset the new tuner price. I don't know if Philips ever had a sales presence in Japan, so you will probably need to use a different brand.