hifi engine

Looking for manual/schematic

Do You have schematic diagram or service manual for the following devices?
- Saba MT-201 tuner
- Grundig XV-5000 preamp
- Marantz ST-600 (L)

Please help me, if You have got any information.

user manual


Grateful if you can assit me to obtain a user manual/guide for Kenwood MIDI M-65X Hi-Fi system. I lost my copy when I moved into a new location.

Best rgds,


It seems, that I have got manual for the Marantz tuner, because I've read, that the Model 2110 and the ST600 are very similar.

I need manual or schematic only for the Grundig XV-5000 preamp.

If anybody has manual or

If anybody has manual or schematic for the other devices, please help me!