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Looking for Philips CDF-100 and a Kodak PCD-880

Hi, Just joined and hope it's okay to post if looking for items. I've been looking for the above mentioned CD/PHOTO units, 1) Philips CDF-100, 2) Kodak PCD-880 and always seem to find them a day or later after they've sold.
These units look just like the 1993 Apple PowerCd's, which I think were actually made by Philips and then Apple put their crest on it. The funny part on them is that they were really thought of as failures, slow or just not any good.
I use mine just to play CD's. Yeah, some people collect old waffle irons, me, I like old Motorola FM-992X's, old 8 track car stereos and these things.
Someone mentioned they were more popular in Europe, but not sure how to go about looking for them in Europe?
Well, hope this is okay,
Bob Faust
Redwood City, CA