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Luxman G-100 EQ

Looking fro owner's manual for Luxman G-100 EQ.

It is not the same as the G11 -the G-100 has EQ sliders, plus a 'Sound Enhancer' section and a few additional switches.


Luxman G-100

Hi djhack,
Any luck finding the user's manual for the G-100?
I just got this equalizer- sans manual - off eBay.
Odd that a Google search for the manual drew a blank.
If you come across it, perhaps you could let me know.
At: haarvi at fastmail . fm
Any tips you could share for using this machine will be
Brooklyn, NY

re: Luxman G-100

Hello Harvey,

Did you ever find an Owners Manual for your G-100??
I have the same equalizer, but also need a copy of the manual.
Happy to pay copy, mailing costs if you have one.

I've looked everywhere--even at a price and found zilch.
I've had luck on almost all of my vintage units, but no-go for this one.

What did you pay for the unit on e-bay??
Best regards, Tim in Colorado (I use to live in Brooklyn in '86-'88)