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Luxman K-12 Cassette Deck Relay

Hi to all of you Luxman K-12 Cassette Deck owners. I was the user who uploaded the K-12 Service Manual recently. I hope it is helpful to all who need it. Hopefully one of you can help me. I've got a K-12 with a muting relay that is missing from the Amp PCB. The symbol no. is RY002,001. The service manual states that it is a BR221D012 and that there are two of them. I can't find one or an equivalent. What I find interesting is that if you look at the AMP PCB board diagram on page 14 is that even though the RY001 and RY002 relays are supposed to be the same the mounting holes on the PCB board are slightly different. Are they really the same relay or slightly different variations? I would request that someone pull the cover of their unit and provide me a photo of that section of the PCB board and/or any printed information from the relay at RY001. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.