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Luxman K-8 Cassette Deck

I am a newbie here and hope someone will advise me. I have a Luxman K-8 cassette deck that had not been used for a time. I put a cassette into the deck and now it is stuck there.

The deck did not run the tape at all. Pressing rewind, play, fast forward all fail to move the tape. Power is on, of course. A click is heard but no motion happens.

The drive spool spindles (I'm sure that is not the correct terminology) do not move at all.

I have removed the "glass" compartment cover but can see no way to move the tape or disassemble further.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.... Dale



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Re: Luxman K-8 Cassette Deck

If your K-8 is like mine it is encased on a wooden box. You will need to remove it from the box. You will have to flip it up-side-down you will see 4 screws. Once the 4 screws are removed you can gently slide the insides out the front hole. You will then have access to the sled on the left. Before disassembly, do a visual inspection to see if the two belts are still attached to the motor and wheels. You also have access to the eject button so you can remove the tape once you figure out how it works.

I am also having issues with my K8, the small belt keps slipping off (time for a new one) but also I have lost FF function. Haven't taken it apart yet to determine why.

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Re: Luxman K-8 Cassette Deck

The rubber components may need replacing - belts, rollers, etc.
Otherwise, it may need more attention (eg. old capacitors replacing).