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Luxman L-509X ou L-507UXII

Hi everybody,

First i apologize for my English, I'm French.

I don't know if i'm on the right place, but let's try.

I will perhaps, if God Will ...buy a luxman Amplifier in JAPAN.

Really cheaper than in Europe.

But they work with 100V, and us we use 230V.

My question: Is there inside the amplifier, a switch to commute 100V/230V?

Or do i have to buy a converter (and so which one?)

In the past it was possible, but now...

Thank you.

Re: Luxman L-509X ou L-507UXII

The brochure says only 100v for the L-509X and L-507UX. You can get a step-down transformer but it will need to be rated for 5 or 6 amps output. Make sure it's 100 volts out and not 120. You can also use a variac but that can be a little tricky as you would need to be careful not to got above 100 volts output.