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Luxman M02 adjustment bias

Not an request but can Anyone clarify how to adjust the bias on this one?
The tech manual is not clear to me at this.
Before blowing out this precious amplifier...
Thanks in advance!

It's quite clear in the

It's quite clear in the manual. You measure the voltage drop across an emitter resistor of each channel. These resistors will be the large .22Ω 5 watt resistors (R143a=left channel 143b=right channel). Adjust VR101 of each channel so that the voltage drop across the corresponding emitter resistor measures 4.5mV +/- .5mV

You could also measure from emitter to emitter of the output transistors of each channel (Q122 and Q123) and set VR101 for 9mV +/-1mV


Thanks for the advise. I guessed so, but was not sure.
Better safe than sorry!