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Luxman R-115 Question

Newby here. Full disclosure, I buy and sell with an interest in electronics and vintage audio. I'm not trying to sell right now and will not broach the subject until more familiar with the rules and norms here (if that is even allowed). Tonight I'm hoping for some info on a Luxman R-115.

I got back from an auction Sunday with the Luxman, an ELAC turntable, TEAC Reel to Reel and what I'll call a pair of first gen Rectilinear III Tall Boys (Brooklyn). Didn't mean to but it all came as a single bid (announced at the last second before bidding). I really like the speakers, I'm glad I had to take them now.

I was testing it all out and really liking what I heard. After a while I cranked the amp up to about 75% and after a few seconds it cut out. I still had my hand on the volume so I backed off and after a few seconds it came back on.

So.... is this a weakness in the amp, something built in, or maybe something in the speakers that caused it???


A side note about the speakers, they don't look like any other examples of Rectilinear I've seen. On the back is a single pot at the top to adjust the tweeters and a separate cut out on the bottom half with the screw posts. It says Brooklyn NY which as I understand they were only at circa 1966-68. Also the grills are a light color where as all the others I've seen look more brown. I'll try and post some pics if anyone is interested.