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Luxman R-341 speakers cutting out at moderate volume

Hey there,
I've got a Luxman R-341 amp, I'm having an issue where by at reaching a certain volume output, which I would call moderate, there is a faint clicking sound from within the amp and the speakers cut entirely. By turning the volume knob down near to 'off', the clicking sound occurs again and the speakers work perfectly, up until a certain volume output... when it does the same thing.

I have noticed that it will also do this during songs with a wide dynamic range. It will work perfectly during a quieter section of a track, but when there is a significant bass swell or volume increase within the song, the amp will cut out for the duration of that louder part.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I might fix this? I've got some basic skills at fixing amps, but am by no means an expert.

The manual can be found here!

Thanks in advance for any information!


Re: Luxman R-341 speakers cutting out at moderate volume

The idle current may be off on one or both channels. Adjustment procedure is on page 22 I think. Kind of odd though; it shows an AC VTVM. Most adjustments are in DC voltage, not AC; it says adjust for 2mv. You will need an accurate DMM (digital multi meter). I highly recommend doing this: make a note of where the controls are set (R501, 502); these are small variable controls mounted to the audio board. Clean the controls with power off, then return them to their original position. Set up for voltage monitoring at the test points shown, then power on with volume down. Let the receiver stabilize for a few minutes, then adjust for 2mv.
You can use tuner or control cleaner for the controls; just a little bit. Move the controls with a small screwdriver several times, then set them back where they were.
If this doesn't correct the problem then you may have a component that is failing.

Re: Luxman R-341 speakers cutting out at moderate volume

Thanks heaps for the response! I'll give that a go this week.