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luxman rv-371 amplifier schematics

hi! :)

i´m searching for luxman rv-371 amplifier schematics or service manual. Transformer blow up and a great part or the power supply too. I love this amp and i want to get back to life! :wink:
can anybody help me?



RE: luxman rv-371 amplifier schematics


Did you ever get hold of a schematic for this unit?



Yes I did

Re: RV-371

can i get a copy of service manuel for the rv 371..mine has power but no sound

Re: RV-371

Could you please share the service manual. I am trying to repair my RV-371 but i cannot find it anywhere. All i can find is the PA section of the manual


Could I ask where you got it from? I have a RV-371 and it is starting to trip out the relays because I think some caps may need to be replaced.

Luxman Rv-371

Hi I have a Luxman RV-371. I have no manual, no remote and the worst part is some days it turns on MOST days it will not. What kind of info could you share with me regarding this unit.
I am located in South Florida

Thanks in advance

Luxman RV-371 won't turn on - solution

Hi There,

I have had an RV-371 for nearly 5 years and I too have had the problem where it intermittently won't turn on for almost 2 years. Usually unplugging it from the wall for 24 hours would get it working again for a while. If the problem occurs while the unit is in operation, the volume control will stop responding to the remote, and source selection will stop working - the LEDs change but the source will not actually change.

I have finally solved this problem and fixed it without a service manual :-) This fault is caused by a small memory backup battery on the CPU board going faulty with age.

This battery is mounted quite close to the AM/FM tuner display on the main PCB behind the front panel. Getting access to it is somewhat awkward, the front panel must be dropped down and that involves unplugging a lot of small plugs with short leads, removing the knobs from the front, and separating the shield plate and circuit board.

It is DIY'able for someone moderately familiar with electronics, and taking pictures while disassembling helps a lot on reassembly.

The battery is about 10mm diameter and 4mm thick with black shrink on it. Unfortunately I don't know what kind of battery it is - whether it's rechargeable or a non-rechargeable lithium, as I don't have a circuit diagram at the moment, so I decided to simply remove it.

It's purpose is to keep the tuner memories, the status of the speaker A/B switches and input selectors memorized when the unit is unplugged from mains power. Without the battery it forgets all these as soon as mains power is removed, but NOT when switched off from the front or the remote, so it's a small price to pay until I can find out the correct battery type.

In the 2 weeks since removing the faulty battery I've had not one instance of the unit failing to switch on or stop responding to the remote.


Re: Luxman RV-371 won't turn on - solution

@ and those who will come

By mine I found out that the powersupply PCB is from bad quality.
(on the main side, 230V in Europe)
Not visual but you can measurred it if you bend the PCB a bit, I hardwire some PCB
trace's and thats works fine for me.
(sorry for my bad Englisch)

Luxman RV-371 won't turn on - solution

Now that it has been longer than two weeks, has the problem returned?

Hi,Sorry for taking so long


Sorry for taking so long to respond - I don't get any email notifications from this forum and in fact forgot about my post until coming across it again it via a google search.

It's been two years since my previous post and the amplifier has been turning on flawlessly.

I later received a copy of the circuit (and used it to fix another unrelated fault) and confirmed that the "battery" is in fact a 5.5 volt 0.22 Farad (not microFarad) "super capacitor", which is used to hold the memories and state of the microprocessor. (Such as last selected input source etc)

With this capacitor removed the amp will forget all its memories such as radio channels approximately 20 seconds after unplugging the mains cord, (or during a power cut) however memories are retained when turning off at the front panel. Because of this I haven't bothered to try to source a replacement capacitor, which is likely to be difficult to find in the right physical size and shape as well as value.

Its a small price to pay for the amp to turn on and work 100% of the time and its been in daily use ever since.


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