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Mains Fuses (UK only)

Hi group, this is my first post on Hi Fi Engine although I'm reasonably well known on VE.

Mains Fuses (UK only)

Hi John,
I considered this but came to another conclusion YMMV. The reason you have a fuse there is that the equipment cable is lower rated than the 32A ring main and if the cable is called upon to draw more current than its rating it may catch fire. If you have your HiFi on a circuit protected by an RCD and MCB's you are pretty well protected from electrocution from earth faults/shorts etc but not from overheating cables on poorly designed/faulty equipment. If you ever use large power tools on a coiled up extension lead try holding the reel afterwards and you'll see what I mean.

I have my HiFi on a dedicated ring main with minimal connections, over-sized cable, and a connection to a separate board with no RCD. This sounds quieter to me but it hasn't got the superior earth leakage protection that an RCD provides. However, I've made sure that I have 3 amp fuses in all my equipment. Would removing the fuses invalidate insurance? In the rare event of a fire caused by that piece of equipment/cable overheating I'd guess yes. Why don't they have them in other countries? As someone who got a mild shock in my Greek villa every time I used the cooker and had to reset the fuse-board in our Spanish apartment every time I used the Kettle I'd have to say we simply have better safety standards :wink:


PS if anyone can expand on the legality of this or thinks my fuses are doing zilch then speak up!