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Manual for Hitachi D-RV7 auto-reverse cassette deck

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Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone might have a scan or download of the owner's manual and/or service manual for a Hitachi D-RV7 auto-reverse tape deck.

I've been trying for years to find one. I'd settle for either one, but would prefer the owner's manual, as I don't know how to use the advanced programming features.

This has been an extra annoying thing for me, as when I bought the deck a few years ago, the auction showed an actual picture of the owner's manual, but when I got the deck the manual was missing, and the seller couldn't find it anymore (groan!)...I even bought one online, and it turned out to be in German (frustrating.....:^)

On a related point, how does one go about making a new page on this site for a piece of audio equipment? I was thinking of uploading my German manual, but there's no entry for the D-RV7 in the database.

Anyway, if one of you here could upload a service or owner's manual for me, you'd really make my day!