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Manual or schematic for Fisher mpx-120 or tube 29-T

Do anyone have a schematic for the fisher mpx-120 module or a schematic/service manual of the entire tube 29-T chassi ?

29-T schematic

I also have a Fisher Philharmonic P-291 which uses the 29-T chassis. I have not yet found the schematic for this model, but I have found the complete service manual (including the schematic and parts list) for the P-290 at http://www.fisherconsoles.com/service%20manuals/philharmonic%20V%20p290.pdf

The P-290 appears to be very similar to my P-291; the only difference I can see so far is that the FM demultiplexer module in the P-290 is connected to the rest of the chassis by a 4-pin power plug and 3 RCA plugs, which the P-291 lacks.

If you can't find the schematic for your unit, you should be able to use the P-290 schematic for most repairs. Just pay very close attention and watch out for subtle differences.

Also check out http://fisherdoctor.com/ which is operated by someone who says he took over the Fisher Radio Company and has all the original design literature. He offers restorations and upgrade kits for Fisher equipment.