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Manual for turntable LT-22

I just have gotten a Mitsubishi LT-22 turntable. I would like to find an owners manual so I can properly set up the tonearm for a new cartrage.

Owner's Manual and other information is at Vinyl Engine

The Mitsubishi LT-20 is the same TT as the LT-22; the only difference is cosmetics.

Click here for the Owner's Manual at Vinyl Engine (VE): LT-20 in Vinyl Engine Library

You will need to register at VE to download this manual.

There are some discussions about the Mitsubishi LT-20 in the VE Turntable forum. Click here to for these discussions:
LT-20 discussions at Vinyl Engine


I think I still have my manual. I'll look for it and get back to you if I find it. I have a virtually brand new LT 22. It works very well even after being in storage for years. I'm looking to sell it. What is it worth?