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Looking for the manual for the SX1000TW any info on this model would be appreciated.


Pioneer SX-1000TW Owner/Service Manual

I am very familiar with this receiver as it was the first stereo receiver I owned. I also still have a poor, but usable copy of the manual for it that I made back in 1974, as well as a couple SX-1000TD receivers that I won on eBay more recently. The SX-1000TD is nearly identical, but it does have a few internal differences. I have scans of the pages of the poorly copied manual that are currently in 4 very large ZIP files. Let me know if you are interested in getting them, and how you would like them to be sent. Maybe I will try to upload them to this site.

This receiver, when working properly, is a very good receiver. It has a 1.7 uV front end, decent selectivity and a relatively unstable 50 WPC amplifier section. The strange looking, black pill shaped diodes in the power supply section are one of its weak links. I don't think they were rated for high enough current for a 50 WPC amplifier. I have replaced them in both my SX-1000's with 3 Amp, 1000 PIV diodes and never had another problem. They were bad in all three of the SX-1000 receivers that I've owned, when I got them. That is why I suspect that they aren't big enough for the job.

It can be difficult getting parts for that receiver as it is with most vintage stereo gear.


Pioneer SX-1000TD

Hello Jeff:

I'm in desperate need of whatever you might have available on this unit. I picked up a basket case and definately schematics and service manual if possible. My email is tonysuits@comcast.net.

Schematic Diagram

Hi Jeff,

Is it possible that I could get a copy of that schematic diagram of your, HiFi vintages Pioneer SX-1000TD ?
I highly appreciat it if that's possible.
Thanks a lot.