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Hi Folks
I seem to be having problems opening the Rogers manuals says 'Forbidden'..All the rest are ok apart from Rogers! Anyone else having probs please?

Seeking Technics SU-V55a manual

Hi all just was trying to find the Technics SU-V55a manual i downloaded the SU-V65 looks very much the same but not can any 1 help or tell me if that 1 will do thank you
oh yeah ps
amber light on red light dont come on no sound. can any1 help thanks again

RE: X7ESD servive manual


Would like to acquire the above as well please.


Seeking Owners Manual for a Kenwood KS-4000R Stereo Receiver

Am in need of the owner's manual. Thanks.

Have a Realistic STA-850 with a volume shaft broken to bottom!

If not a manual/schematic then perhaps is there a way to replace the shaft, or simply a part no/value to replace it. For 10 bucks it was a very good deal (if I can get it finished)! It's very clean and works great otherwise, a 27 year old dream set (not quite as good as my 30 dollar Sansui G-5700 but close).

Thanks, Steven

hk 3480/3485

Does anyone have a service manual for an HK3485? I have a 3480 and would like to use the pre outs to feed my citation 22, but still be able to use the 3480's amp to power a set of speakers in a different room. the 3480 has jumpers from the pre out to the main in. The 3485 only has preouts. I was wondering if I could add jumpers inside the amp and do away with the jumpers. But would like to see the schematics for the 3485 to see how they do it. I scared of cooking the pre amp section.

Onkyo DT 901 user manual

Hello to everyone,

I am desperately looking for a scan of the manual of the DAT player Onkyo DT-901... Could anyone help...
Thanks in advance...

Thanx for sharing with us

Thanx for sharing with us great information.

Electronic Components


thx i really need it

Transistor replacement for Fisher TX 50

I have a Fisher TX50. Unfortunately I have never found the Schema. My Problem : I need equivalents for driver and output transistors. Output are stamped : M (the Moterola Sign like M) and 213, case TO-126 (Sot-32)Plastic.
The Driver Transistor : M or Moterola number 212. Case to-5 metallic.
Can anybody help ?


again on (very) old transistors

I found right now what 213 should be.
I recently have changed them in a old Grundig SV140 (where they were used as drivers) .
They were stamped: M (motorola logo) and SJE 213.
They are inter-changeable with common BD139 NPN devices!
For drivers look for ECG 102 and ECG103. ECG guides are pretty common, and it shouldn't be too difficult find them. There are many equivalent, from the very old 2N32 to 2N1707, all germanium.



I had a look at the Grundig SV140 diagram, the M213 cannot be the SJE213 since the they use as complim. the SJE212 which is in my case an smaller Transistor.

Thanks Horst

(very) old transistors

I gave a look to an ECG data guide and found the driver having TO5 case to be all germanium devices. There is a lot of equivalent in low numbered 2N's.
Probably in your fisher tx55 there is a pair of NPN and PNP drivers.
I don't have the schematic so I cannot know more.
The power devices on the contrary seem to be much more hard to find out.
The case should be the same as the very common BD135 (having a TO126 case).
But if no further data on them is available it's very hard to find out equivalents.
Are they NPN? Is it a single ended push pull having all power transistors equal? Yes, I guess. And..are they silicon ones? Have at least one working? If yes, then you'll can make some measurements to know what and which fellows they are. let me know.


Fisher tx 50

I cannot say if they are silicon or germanium, npn or pnp since they are gone.
The both channes are having two driver transistors, the M212 and 2 of the same output transistors M213.
Unit was fabricated 1969 having 1000MFD capacitors to the speakers

any other questions?
regards Horst

Fisher TX50

Your unit is covered in Sams MHF-60. I've got allot of those manuals but not that one. I tried crossing your transistors but no luck.

Sony TC-252


I need a service manual in pdf for a Sony TC-252.
Something went wrong with the mechanical things when I was cleaning it.

Many Thanx


Kenwood ka801


Ik have the servicemanual for the ka801.
I cand send it to you?



Please send it to me

I just posted the same request on the forums minutes ago.

Please send it to me as well.


Kenwood KA-801 amplifier & KX-1060 deck owner's manual scans


I'm looking for the nicely scanned version of the manual for KA-801 amp & also KX-1060 cassette deck. Please let me know if you have it & as a token of appreciation, I will email you the amp's mega rare & very nice 6-page full color brochure!


Akai GX-210D

I need a copy of the user's manual for this model of R to R.

Thanks in advance.

NAD 312


How to make the following adjustments in NAD 312:

1. Idle current adjust
2. Offset voltage adjust

Thanks a lot!

PS. I was looking for nad 302 manual about a month ago. After some further searching I was able to download diagram for NAD 312. I noticed that that my NAD 302 board components is is very closely reflected in NAD 312 diagram, including the parts number especially the offset voltage and idle current VR's!

How to make the following adjustments in NAD 312

1. Idle current adjust (for L channel, same thing for R channel):
-Turn-off power, unplug power cord, disconnected speakers, turn volume control down to minimum,
-Series connect a 60W (voltage same of amplifier power supply) light bulb with the power cord(as over current protection),
-Connect a voltage meter across R455 (disconnected LK39 LINK),
-Turn R443 (220ohm) to maximum resistance,
-Turn-on power (do Not connect speakers),
-Turn R443 from maximum resistance and slowly down while watching the voltage across R455,
-Voltage across R455 should be between 0.02V to 0.05V
(The idle current = voltage across R455/1ohm which would be 20mA to 50mA, if you always playing loud music, set to 20mA, vice verse),
-wait 20-30 minutes make sure the temperature on the heatsink of Q415/417 would not get too warm (hot), if too warm, reduce current & vice verse).

2. Offset voltage adjust (for L channel, same thing for R channel):
-Connect a voltage meter across E401 and ground,
-Adjust R411 until get 0V on the meter
-It may affect the idle current, re-adjust R443 for the idle current if needed.

After adjustment, turn-off power and re-connect the LK39 LINK.
Turn-on power, make sure it's 0V between E401 and ground, connect speakers and play music, monitor the temperature on the output heatsink. Finally, disconnect the 60W light bulb, re-check above and minor adjustment may be needed.


NAD 312 adjustments

Thanks a lot ben.

Instructions are very clear. I will post the results. It may take a while though.

Thanks again!

Technics Service manual


I posted earlier but did not get the reply. Please someone upload Technics Service manual for SA-X11WL. In great need.


Marantz esotec ma-5 service manual

Looking for the service manual for the Marantz esotec MA-5 monoblocks?

Marantz esotec ma-5 service manual

I can help with manuals, have both of them IM/SM. But if power transformer is dead - nothing will help, no substitutes were made/available.

esotec MA 5 service manual

Do you have the servise manual off this mono amp ?
It can be a graet help for me

Akai GX-F31 and GX-M10

Looking for the service manual for the Akai GX-F31 cassette and the owners manual and service manual for the GX-M10 cassette

Received a GX-M10 Manual

User MoreCowbell over at Audiokarma.org graciously has provided me with a scan of his GX-M10 user manual, which I have uploaded with his permission here. Look for it shortly posted to the library. Still looking for the service manual for both the GX-F31 and GX-M10.

I have manual for GX-F31

I have manual for GX-F31
I need urgently schematic or service manual for Sony TA-AX310

Sorry I missed this reply

But the GX-F31 / F51 / F71 service manual is posted to the database (courtesy of Wowozange).

Pioneer Sx-828 Owners Manual

Just curious if anybody has a scan for the owners manual, and the factory spec sheet. Thanks for the great database!

Fisher SA 300-B Power Amp

Armando Villamin Hello, I'm trying to look for instruction manual of my Fisher SA 300-B power amp. Please let me know if someone has it. Thanks.

Pioneer VSX-D307 service manual

Hello, does anybody have the service manual for a VSX-D307



VSX service manual

I have one ..where do I send it?
It's 3.0 Mbytes

S. Frye

AKAI Reel to Reels

Do you have a Service Manual for a GX-4000D? Also an Operator's Manual and Service Manual for a GX-400D? I have both reel to reels. If not, do you know where I could get them?


Pioneer SX-300 Receiver Schematics or Service manual

I need this service manual.
Plz help.

Marantz PM 550-DC

Hi, I just bought a Marantz PM 550-DC amplifier and I couldn't find its manual (or manuals) anywhere, I guess it's preety hard to find, so I would appreciate if you would give me a helping hand.



JVC R-S77 digital synthesizer stereo receiver

Hi All

Just looking for the service manual & part list for a JVC R-S77 digital synthesizer stereo receiver. if not, then one of the following model might help my cause.



Another Newbie Here.In Search of JVC TD V661 Manual

Or at least a model that uses the same transport.Mine has developed an issue with the take up reel. Parts appear to still be available, but that transport looks like it could be a real adventure. Thanks !

RJ Kanary

SONY : Seeking user manual Sony TA-F570ES or F222ES or 670ES

I im really looking for these or info on various functions that the service manual here (thx to whom uploaded that one!) does not tell.

but the TA-F570ES or 670es or 222es should do it.

I can maybe be of help with some sony or NAD manuals like if needed

NAD surround 743 reciever
Sony Surround Reciver STR DB725/825 QS
Sony STR DE635


Kenwood KA 5500

Hi,I need a service manual for the Kenwood KA 5500.
Can you help me?


Hi Fernando,

Few days ago I finished to renew my Ka5500. I don't know why, but it sounds FANTASTIC! I own many other amps - 2x KA8100, had many KA6100, but this one seems to sound better. It was thrown away after two attempt to service it, so I had to renew everything and I also added a zobel network.


Hi Robert, Thank you very

Hi Robert,
Thank you very much for the information, and I look forward to the launch. I feel bad language in English.
best regards!!

New Member

Thank You, this is a great site.


Pioneer SX-650

I am unable to open the service manual. I get an error message about "bad encrypt dictionary" Anyone else with the same problem?

I am also looking for the user manual for a Sony TC-733 reel-to reel recorder.


Pioneer SX-650

Hi again-try upgrading your Adobe Reader version.

Pioneer SX-737

Saw your comment. Tried to open the SX-737 manual and got a similar error message. Problem seems to be with multiple Pioneer models. Haven't figured out a solution yet.
Any luck in your attempts?

Service Manual DENON DRM-710


I need a service manual for the DENON DRM-710 deck. Can you help me?



Req: complete service manual for Technics SA-X11WL and SL-JS15C

Hey all,

I am looking for specific model of Technics. The service manuals and schematics for Technics SA-X11WL which is a all-in-one Hi-Fi system and Technics SL-JS15C Turntable which is DC-Servo fully Automatic Turntable(Belt-Drive). Both are from 1986's sorts.

Please If any one can upload these service manuals, I'll be highly great full to you.

Thankyou :-)