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Maranatz 1050 help

Hi guys complete newbie to this scene but been running a maranatz 1050 model for some time now as the sound out of it is awesome!

However it started getting sound degradation and now no sound :(

Would "recapping " solve my problem? There's still power to the unit and a couple of the inline fuses have now gone too
The caps are 6800uf 42v

Any advice would be most appreciated

Re: Maranatz 1050 help

The main caps are unlikely to cause this fault.
It sounds like faulty capacitor on the power amp stage.
You could also replace the two capacitors in series with the output stage, but if the fuses have blown, the output transistors may have blown.

Re: Maranatz 1050 help

Recapping at this time would be ill advised, in that you have a problem that caused blown fuses, and recapping could possibly introduce new issues. My advice is to locate and repair the problem, and then decide on recapping.

As others have said, shorted outputs are a likely thing to look for, and then check drivers, resistors, pre drivers, diodes etc in the output stage. Or if you are not familiar with component level repair on devices such as this, I would suggest you find a reputable vintage equipment repair tech.