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Marantz 1040 amplifier / Empty fuse socket ?

I have found an empty fuse socket (1A) inside my second hand Marantz 1040 amplifier.
I have owned it for the past 15 years. The sound is great, particularly when I play CDs. However, depending on vinyls, the sound is sometimes a bit distorted in the bass. (I use a project Debut carbon Esprit SB turntable with an Ortofon 2m red cartridge). I recently opened my amplifier chassis in order to try to clean the connectics. In particular, the volume knob crackles a bit. In the process, I noticed, that one of the four fuse sockets, located directly behind the volume knob, is indeed empty. The pattern is as follows "Fuse : 2A (fuse present), 1A (fuse present), 1A (No fuse in the socket), 1A (fuse present)". I am wondering whether this is normal or whether a dead fuse was never replaced by the previous owner. Can anyone help on the matter ? I have no skills in electronics and a bit wary that adding an unfit extra 1A fuse might damage my sound system, or even much worse set it on fire or so. No sure whether I can send a picture of the device on this website ?
Thanks a lot for any comment, help or answer.
Best. Kevin

Re: Marantz 1040 amplifier / Empty fuse socket ?

I see only 3 fuses in the 1040; the main power fuse and two fuses for the power amplifier B+, which should be 3.5 amp. Is yours a US version? I don't see how a missing fuse would cause distorted bass.

Re: Marantz 1040 amplifier / Empty fuse socket ?

Hi Johnnysan,
Thanks a lot for your answer. My 1040 was manufactured in Japan for Europe. I live in France and my 1040 power cord plug is fit for French electrical outlets. When I open the chassis, 5cm right behind the volume knob, are four parralel fuse sockets in this order : 2amp (fuse in place), 1 amp (fuse in place), 1 amp (missing fuse), 1 amp (fuse in place).
Maybe you may have a look at this http page :
I have very little knowledge as far as electrics/onics are concerned, and can but speculate as to the function of these fuses. For sure, the amplifier works in the absence of that 3rd fuse, but I was wondering whether it may be dedicated to a specific circuitry to improve sound amplification. Or maybe it is fit for power outlets in specific countries but not others.
I am a bit wary as to whether I should add an extra fuse in this socket. In other words it may be that the previous owner failed to replace a dead fuse, or maybe it is left empty on purpose. For instance, it could be that this socket is fir for Japanese or American amplifiers but not for the ones sold in continental Europe (different electric systems). Do you have an opinion on the matter ? Thanks a lot for your help