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Marantz 1060 Refurb

I recently acquired a Marantz 1060 thats in very clean condition ... at least visually. The left channel plays beautifully. The right channel has almost no power. I'm a novice and don't want to open it up and make matters worse but also don't want to keep running it with the balance knob compensating for an obvious internal issue.

Wondering if anyone might recommend a reputable place I might take it to get serviced..... I live in Marin, just north of San Francisco.

That is - unless there's a fix someone thinks I should try on my own first.

Thanks all.

Re: Marantz 1060 Refurb

The electrolytic capacitors on the amplifier board are probably bad, and also the pre-amp and tone amp boards.
The controls and switches should be cleaned with a decent cleaner; I use Deoxit D5 and it works well.
It is possible you have some bad transistors, but if there is no distortion that is not likely.
If you are not familiar with electronics repair you should seek out someone who is.