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Marantz 1060 White Noise on Right Channel


I am the lucky owner of a Marantz 1060 amp, which I found in a backyard of a friend, 15 years ago...
It is one of the best amps I've ever heard, especially the "warm" phono preamp section it has.
Unfortunately it's been a week now, that I have a "white noise" heard in the right channel of its output. After isolating the preamp section, I ended up that the problem comes from the main amplifier.
If there is someone else with the same problem, I would appreciate any suggestion on how to find the problematic part.

Thank you,


1060 noise

It's an absolutely common defect on 1060's.
Take care for change every 2SC458 transistor in you amp with a 2SC945 (same pin) or common BC548 or BC550 (different pins).
The 2SC458 transistor were used a lot on japanese electronics during '70.
It's famous for become noisy, and sometimes "very noisy".