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Marantz 1060

Hoping someone can help. The volume potentiometer of my Marantz 1060 has disintegrated. I can buy a replacement pot (250Kohm) that has the six terminals on the front Double gang), but none including the two "extra" terminals at the rear. Does any one have suggestions as to what I should do with these two wires conected to these terminals (thin red and white).
I am trying to just copy the original pot installation as I don't have the knowledge to re-wire or the cash to send it to an engineer.
Jim Hallett

Re: marantz 1060

Thanks for that. There must have been developments between mine and the 1060 (B). Mine is not on a board and has no ribbon etc. I have since discovered that the extra two post on the pot are "make up" resistance in the loudness circuit , and the jury is out on whether leaving them disconnected will merely stop the loudness function or affect the tone throughout. If anyone else is reading this (don't quite understand how these posts work yet) a fake alps 250k ohms (a) pot with loudness tap is available from china. Have ordered one and will just have to hope I can work out which connections are wipers and which are taps etc when it arrives.
Thanks for your help
Jim Hallett