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marantz 2010 problem

i have a marantz 2010 stereophonic amp recever i cant take volume above 2 on dial if i do reciever makes a terable noise could this be blown caps or resistors

marantz 2010 problem

not enough information, 1, describe "noise" 2, is it on all inputs, 3, how old are the speakers etc, the more info provided narrows down the possibilities,

marantz 2010

couldnt get volume above 2 on volume knob but if i do say on tape or aux i get this horrible screaching noise theres no problem with speakers i touched the pcb that controls all the potentiometers then that noise came when i touched the caps in the area ill probably start by replacing thoses caps to start hope this helps stone cat

Re: marantz 2010 problem

ahh and its on all inputs