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marantz 2216 weak audio on left side only

I have reconnected and set up my old Marantz 2216 stereo receiver. However it has had a problem, with the left side audio fading out after the unit has been on for 15 minutes or so, and sometimes, even on start up. I have downloaded the service manual, and am prepared to have a look at schematics and component locations in the unit, to see if there is a cold solder, or something else which may be the cause of this failure.

If anyone out there has had this problem or one similar, and can provide helpful tips as to which specific components have been noticed as failing or likely to be the culprit, I would appreciate your suggestions.

Much obliged.

You will probably get better

You will probably get better response if you post into the forum at the sister site vinylengine.com and over at audiokarma.org, where they have an entire section of the forum dedicated to Marantz. This area is really for manual requests.