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Marantz 2220b FM tuner fault - one channel only working


Hoping someone may be able to point me to the possible fault area or had a similiar issue.

My Marantz 2220b has a fault in the FM stereo receiver or coupling circuit. Only one channel is working (left). The stereo indicator light shows a stereo signal for the FM receiver and all other stereo functions for phono, tape, etc are working OK including AM (i.e. both channels are working in stereo).

Any advice appreciated.

Thankyou for the great HiFi site.


marantz 2220

The most likely a fault on P300 board.
Check for signal (with a station tuned and centered) with a probe and a scope (or voltmeter)at C311 and C312 capacitors (input of deemphasis and output amplifiers) and then at C328 and C329 that are respectively left and right outputs.



Thanks Dave