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Marantz 2226 Service Manual

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Hi all HiFi Engine members,

I'm looking for the Service Manual for my Marantz 2226 stereophonic receiver (the Marantz 2226 I own has black front and I think it was distributed on the European market only): is there anyone out there that can make it available ?

Kind regards,
Davide (Italy).

Hello Davide,may be, it´s

Hello Davide,

may be, it´s a little bit difficult, to get the servicemanual.

If you compare the electrical data , you will find, that the values for the tuner sections of the 2252, 2238 ( not the 2216 )and the 2226 are the same.

The front panel too.

Maybe there are more parallels.

In this forum you will find the manual from the 2238 with complete views of the pcb´s.

You can compare these ones with your eqipment.

Maybe this is usefull for a repair ?

If not, then you have a nice prospect and the technical data from your eqipment !

Please report !


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Hi Arctic, thanks for the

Hi Arctic,

thanks for the useful informations and for your valuable help, I've the datasheet for the whole Marantz 2xxx family (models 2252, 2238, 2226 and 2216) yet, moreover I also have a fully working model Marantz 2238 (with Service Manual downloaded many weeks ago as indicated by you) but I need the very specific Service Manual for the 2226 model due to the fact this one is not in fully working conditions so, sooner or later, I will try to purchase a PDF file or a printed reproduction of the original Marantz 2226 Service Manual and then I will surely post it here for other memebers.

My kind regards,