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Marantz 2240 repair

Hi all,
I am attempting to repair a Marantz 2240 and need to remove the front panel. I run into an issue with removing the 0120 collar (per service manual) that supports the front panel centrally, in addition to the 4 corner bolts. This collar is pressed on the shaft of the central pot and it seems to be on tight. I tried to slide it on the shaft of the pot using penetrating oil without success. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Marantz 2240 repair

That piece is threaded and comes off like a nut. A special tool was made to install it but you can use small needle nose pliers if you are careful; put the tips in the two slots and twist counterclockwise.

Re: Marantz 2240 repair

Wow that's great. I'll be back working on it Sunday.

Another question comes to mind. Is there a way to change the transformer taps for 220 VAC service? I am planning to give it to my son who lives in Belgium.

Re: Marantz 2240 repair


No, the internal transformer is one line voltage only. Marantz used different transformers for the US and European markets. The transformer part numbers are shown on page 35 of the Service Manual. The best bet is to use a step-down transformer externally.