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Marantz 2265B

I have a Marantz 2265b and after repairing the amplifier, I tried to correct the needle location to match the radio frequency. However while removing the drum from the tuner, 2 small pieces fell out. After reassembling them, the needle does not travel from 88 to 108 on the FM scale. The two pieces I put back in set the physical stops of the tuner. Can anyone tell me how to properly assembly these pieces?
Thank you.

Re: Marantz 2265B

You may have one of them reversed.

This doesn't help you now, but the easiest way to change the pointer location is to loosen the glue with acetone then pull the slider to the correct position while holding the dial string.

Re: Marantz 2265B

Thank you Johnnysan - I'll try reversing them.