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Marantz 2285b

i have a Marantz 2285b that wont work on anything but the tape monitor setings you turn the mode select knob and none of the lights ligt up or anything i friend of mine broke the selector knob off when we were moving and i fixed it just broke the shaft and it worked fine after that till one day my wife had the thing craked up and and then my daghter hit the power button to turn it off then when i turned it back on nothing would work but the tape monitors any ideas would help thax harley.... :(

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marantz 2285b

This is a wild guess but based on your description at least one of the wafers of the selector switch may not be making contact anymore. That mode switch is a PITA to replace. I suppose it could be power supply related but that wouldn't explain the lamps. An experienced tech would take at least two hours to replace that switch, if a replacement was available, assuming that's what is wrong.